FaZe and Fnatic lead the ESL Pro League before its last week

The six European playoff spots will be finalized next week.

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Season six of the ESL Pro League is nearing its conclusion, and two of the world’s best are currently in a fight for the top playoff seed.

FaZe and Fnatic are tied for first place in the European region of the league, and both teams are sitting at 14-8 records with 43 points. FaZe was 4-0 in the past week, winning best-of-one matches on Cobblestone and Inferno against GODSENT while also being given free wins from two forfeits from Team LDLC. Håvard “rain” Nygaard top fragged on both maps, with 24 kills on Cobblestone and 34 kills on Inferno and a massive 124 average damage per map.

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Fnatic didn’t do so hot this past week, however, as they lost to North in two overtime thrillers on Mirage and Cobblestone. On the bright side, they are still above North, who are at number two in the league for seedings. The current playoff seedings are as follows: Fnatic, FaZe, North, Astralis, Ninjas in Pyjamas, and G2 Esports. This order and set of teams could easily change in the last few matches of the season.

Heroic, Natus Vincere, and Team Envy, who all reside at the bottom of the European standings, will need to step up their game in the last week of competition if they want to avoid relegation to the ESEA Premier Division.

The final week of the ESL Pro League will begin on Nov. 7, when the playoff contenders of season six will be determined for the league finals in Odense, Denmark in December.

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