11 July 2018 - 20:10

CompLexity qualify for the FACEIT London Major over eUnited

The organization is going to its first Major since 2014.
Photo via DreamHack

CompLexity Gaming is the second team to qualify for the FACEIT London Major in September.

Led by Peter "stanislaw" Jarguz, the North American squad placed top-two in the Americas Minor, which is the final stage of qualification for the 13th Valve Major in CS:GO history. CoL took down underdog eUnited in the deciding match for the last slot in the North and South American regions. They're the second team to qualify behind Rogue Gaming, who made it through yesterday.

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The pressure of qualifying went to coL, after eUnited stunned NRG Esports yesterday in the lower bracket of the Minor. EUnited topped NRG in two out of three maps, effectively eliminating them from competition in this Valve Major cycle. The triumphant underdogs couldn't translate that same firepower in their match vs. coL earlier today, however.

CoL seemed to be in control for the majority of the match, with glimmers of hope from eUnited in some parts of the match. A game-winning ninja defuse from Rory "dephh" Jackson gave coL the win on map one Inferno at 16-10, and it very much seemed to tilt eUnited going into map two Mirage.

With Bradley "ANDROID" Fodor being at the top of the scoreboard for almost the entire match, coL commanded the pace of the game. EUnited struggled to find themselves while on the verge of elimination, and they won a string of five rounds on Mirage, before they lost to coL 16-7. ANDROID led coL in the kill column at 28 frags on Inferno and 21 frags on Mirage.

The FACEIT London Major is the first Major that the compLexity organization has qualified for since the EMS Katowice Major in 2014. Back then, coL housed NA legends such as Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert, Sean "sgares" Gares, and Spencer "Hiko" Martin. Now it seems to be a new era for the organization, with stanislaw at the helm, after years of struggling to reach the top of North America in Major tournaments.

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