ESL One Cologne 2015 – Format

ESL One Cologne Format Explained.

ESL One Cologne – CS:GO Major

Place USD Team
1st Place $100,000 TBD
2nd Place $50,000 TBD
3rd Place $22,000 TBD
4th Place $22,000 TBD


 Eight teams were invited cause they were the Top 8 Teams in Katowice 2015. The remaining eight members invited were through regional qualifiers.


We see Two Australian teams for the first time in the Majors-  Renegades & Immunity.

There are Two NA teams that have qualified by themselves – Cloud9  & CLG


Group Stage


As you can see, the sixteen teams are divided into 4 Groups. Each group should have equally distributed teams in terms of seeding If I am not wrong. 

There will be several matches in a group.


The winners will play against each other and the losers will play against each other. 

Eventually the loser of the winners’ match will play against the loser of the winners’ match. I hope you understood that 😀


I guess I should draw up a bracket for u to understand 😀



So as we can see the first team to lose two games is out of the tournament. Then there are three teams left and another team that loses two games in total ( including their first game ) is out


The ultimate winner of the first group qualifies for the playoffs. The remaining three teams advance to the Group Stage 2. 


Group Stage 2


This group stage involves a round robin method of gaming. Each team will play against every other team. In case of a tie, The tie breakers are based on Round Differences.

One team is selected from this group stage ( for each group)



So Four teams qualify from the first Group stage and Four more from the Second Group Stage. 


These teams go to the Quarterfinals. The Quarterfinals onwards are knockout stages. No team will have a second chance if they lose a game from here onwards.

The winner of the full tournament will get $100000. 


This is a major in CS:GO. As a Major , it might not have the highest amount in prize money as compared to other Private tournaments. However it does have a prestige attached to it along with a significant prize pool.


Hope You understood the format and the brackets easily. If you did not and want any clarifications, feel free to contact me. 

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