CS:GO’s Cache designer teases art of the reworked map

Cache is returning soon.

The remake of the CS:GO map de_cache will be revealed at the end of the month, but map designer FMPONE is teasing some of the changes he made to the area yet again.

FMPONE revealed several previews of certain areas of the map while he was working on it, mostly focusing on spatial changes and new objects and lines of sight that players will have on the map. But now, he’s showing updated art through his Twitter profile header.

Image via FMPONE

The art seems to be inspired by the Ukranian cafe Pripyat, which was located near the Chernobyl power plant when the 1986 nuclear disaster happened. Pripyat is now a ghost city, but a part of it will still be alive for CS:GO players once Cache returns.

Cache left the CS:GO active duty map pool in March when Vertigo was added. Since then, players haven’t been able to play ranked matches on Cache and the map has been gone from professional tournaments. When the map returns, it probably won’t take long to be featured in professional competitions and another map might be rotated out of the pool.

Removing maps from CS:GO for reworks is something Valve does from time to time. The developer does this to ensure that every map is still attractive for both casual and professional players while avoiding a stale competitive scene with teams always playing the same maps. It’s unclear what criteria Valve uses for reworks, but less-popular maps usually rotate out faster than the ones that players choose a lot.

We now know that Cache is complete and fans will be able to see its remade version during a showmatch at ESL One New York on Sept. 29. Event attendees will also be able to play the map on that same day.

Despite the map reveal scheduled for Sept. 29, Valve has yet to announce when Cache is returning to the active map pool.