A new community sticker capsule dropped with the Clutch case

Thanks, Valve.

Image via Valve

Another sticker capsule created by the community was introduced into CS:GO last night.

The capsule, called Community Capsule 2018, was added to the game in a small update late yesterday. The update also contained a new case called the Clutch Collection, which came with 17 new weapon skins and 24 new glove skins.

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Community Capsule 2018 contains three quality types of stickers: Foil, Holo, and Normal. There are two Foil stickers, four Holo stickers, and eight normal quality stickers, totaling at 14 stickers in the entire capsule. The two Foils are “Bullet Rain” and “Camper,” while the four Holos are “Friendly Fire,” “Devouring Flame,” “Small Arms,” and “Retake Expert.”

Community capsules are typically compiled by Valve in the Steam workshop, and like other capsules, this one is partially themed based on player jargon. Phrases like “entry fragger,” “camper,” and “retake” are among the words presented on some stickers.

If your CS:GO client is offering you the capsule on your home page, you can purchase it for $0.99 directly in-game instead of buying it on the Steam community market, where the price is inflated.