CS:GO player gets a Desert Eagle ace clutch on Dust II

Those were some spetacular shots.

A casual CS:GO player recently got away with murder in a matchmaking game on Dust II when he fragged everybody in a one-vs-five situation.

The player only had a Desert Eagle as he rotated via CT spawn to fight the terrorists entering the A bombsite from Catwalk. His only teammate who was alive died on A ramp and left the player in a seemingly impossible scenario. But he killed the first two terrorists with just two bullets, hitting two impressive headshots, then one-deaged the third. He should have been dealt with by the fourth terrorist, who hilariously whiffed some shots, but they were killed by a headshot as well.

With just 13 HP left, the player went to A ramp, grabbed the Scout from his dead teammate, and started aiming toward Catwalk. His Scout isn’t nearly as accurate as his Desert Eagle, though, since he whiffed three shots. But then he used the Deagle again and landed the final one-deag to complete his miraculous one-vs-five ace clutch.

With this ace, the casual player immediately became the top fragger for the CT side with 10 kills after nine rounds. His account is ranked Master Guardian II, which is an average CS:GO rank, placed under Master Guardian Elite, Distinguished Master Guardian, Legendary Eagle, Legendary Eagle Master, Supreme Master First Class, and Global Elite.

Taking into account his Desert Eagle mechanics, it’s not impossible that he’s just using a smurf account to play with some of his friends, especially because he said in the Reddit post that he’s a FACEIT level nine player, which is close to the professional level, at least in terms of individual skill.