CS:GO fans convinced CS2 is nearly here after Valve loads up ‘hackerone’ update

It begins.

Counter-Strike 2 keyart placed over code string from a Valve "hackerone" update.
Image via Valve / Screenshot by Dot Esports

A “hackerone” update shipped by Valve today has the Counter-Strike community’s ears perked, with many suggesting changes to Global Offensive’s long-standing exploit reporting policy potentially signifies Counter-Strike 2 is nearly here.

The policy change means CS:GO’s exploit and vulnerability reporting system will for all intents and purposes now be ineffective, according to eagle eye devs and CS gamers. In particular, a “June 14” date mentioned in the policy changes has whipped fans into a frenzy—and we have to admit even we’re a little excited.

Eager Counter-Strike fans deduced this specific date, buried deep in the May 31 update, could actually be the long-awaited CS2 release date and they’re so excited they’re already circling the day on their calendars.

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If their prediction is correct, this could mean things like bugs and other issues plaguing the game will likely now go unheard. Instead, they suggested, the Valve devs would likely be focusing on CS2’s impending release.

Other players realized this time period fits perfectly into their holiday periods, giving them near-countless hours to delve into the many changes CS2 will have to offer.

All that being said, not everyone is excited. Some fans said they aren’t actually ready to dive head-first into the CS2 hype. CS:GO fans went through the daily series of CS2 release posts before the beta arrived, and it seems gamers think we could be getting another batch before anything real actually lands on servers.

To be fair, we haven’t heard much from Valve since the beta ended.

The CS2 devs have kept their cards quite close to their chest, really only sharing the ambiguous ‘Summer 2023’ date. But, as that vague date draws near, gamers and esports teams alike have been preparing themselves for its arrival.

Teams like The Mongolz have swapped players out to bolster their roster before CS2’s arrival—and there’s a boatload of changes rumored too. Elsewhere, legends like Hiko are considering making a return once CS2 returns.

Dot Esports has reached out to Valve contacts for further details on the June 14 date and if it has anything to do with CS2’s long-awaited 2023 release.

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