CS2 players agree this major MR12 feature needs balancing before launch

They make a solid point.

CS2 Counter-strike 2 Mirage B Site
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Counter-Strike 2 release is likely imminent. With the game rumored to officially launch on Sept. 27, players are pointing out features they would love to see changed, and one of them is a major aspect of MR12.

The game reintroduced MR12 to its official matchmaking, shortening the number of rounds in a game to 24, where a team needs 13 on the board to win a game. One player praised the change under Sept. 21’s Reddit post, but, a bunch of others pointed out the CT side economy needs to be tweaked for it to work properly.

Players believe that in halves that take only 12 rounds, the CT side needs some fixes to the economy. Their main argument is the lack of money in the current system, which puts the CT side at a huge disadvantage, especially when they lose a pistol round. In such scenarios, the T side often gets a 3-0 headstart, which is a huge lead to have early.

A terrorist and counter-terrorist fighting at Mirage's B site.
CTs have to spend more money to get a full buy, so they are often forced into tough decisions in CS2. Screengrab by Dot Esports

“The CT economy is really bad with MR12,” one top comment reads. “100%. My % of full buy rounds as CT definitely feels lower in CS2 than CSGO but the T side seems pretty much the same,” another one responded.

In CS:GO, where half had 15 rounds in total, CTs had more space to save their money by going for eco rounds. But, in this case, they also had more rounds to catch up with the Terrorists who were starting to get a lead. It’s much harder to go for eco rounds in CS2 with the unchanged economy because giving away two rounds for free feels like a lot. On the other side, you also don’t want to force buys that are incomplete, since there’s a high chance they won’t work.

Average players aren’t alone in that sentiment. A bunch of pro players, including FaZe Clan’s ropz and Heroic’s cadiaN, believe the economy isn’t in a good state to support the MR12 switch. Hopefully, Valve will take this feature under the scope and somehow address it in the near future.


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