CS2 leaks show one competitive map’s mesmerizing new graphics

CS2's most beautiful map yet has been leaked.

Anubis water in CS2
Image via Ale/Twitter

Counter-Strike 2 feels inches away from a full launch. Valve is announcing major changes to the beta and leaks are fueling the hype train. The latest CS2 leak comes with screenshots of a competitive map and puts in perspective just how impressive the game will look compared to CS:GO.

CS2 leaks have been going strong since before Valve officially announced the new CS game, and they continue to go hand in hand with the publisher’s own official info. This new leak is definitely among the more impactful we’ve seen so far. Gameplay mechanics are vital for Counter-Strike, but the hidden pleb in all of us can’t help but gush whenever it sees something beautiful.

Beautiful is the only word that can describe how the leaked CS2 Anubis map looks in these new screenshots. Dataminer Ale shared a total of five screenshots, showing the two bomb sites and portions of water and mid. The water in particular caught commenters’ attention, and I definitely agree on that end, though I must add that CS2 lighting makes the already bright Anubis look drop-dead gorgeous all around.

Ale shared some datamined screenshots from Vertigo as well, with the disclaimer that it’s still in early stage development and vast improvements are expected to come on that map. It’s interesting to see the dissonance in the reaction between Anubis and Vertigo. While the brightness of Anubis received universal praise from commenters, Vertigo is getting criticized for the same thing. They say you can’t please everyone, but having a brightness option in the CS2 menu looks like a good idea based on these community reactions.

No disclaimer was written for Anubis, which can mean two things. For one, Valve is done with developing Anubis for CS2 or very close to it, which is exciting. Mirage just became the second playable map in Counter-Strike 2 with the latest patch, so it makes sense that more maps will follow suit soon.

The other conclusion we can make based on the leaked Anubis screenshots is that CS2 will be a massive graphical leap from CS:GO. That discussion sparked immediately following Counter-Strike 2’s announcement and will continue until everyone has tried it out themselves, but low-end PCs can’t be too encouraged by the beautiful CS2 Anubis.


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