Counter-Strike fans thank Riot, VALORANT for huge new CS2 changes

Riot's sweating.

Counter-Strike 2 Mirage A site behind triple box.
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The newest Counter-Strike 2 beta update has arrived today, and a series of changes available to players feel very reminiscent of innovations to the genre as seen by the title’s competitors.

Fans noticed the new buyback system in place in CS2, leading to a group of players praising both Counter-Strike devs Valve and VALORANT creators Riot Games side-by-side. In an interesting twist, some have said “Riot walked so CS2 could run”, according to comments in a June 6 Reddit post. 

The update has sent the community into a frenzy. A whole new weapon system has been introduced, alongside a refund feature fans believe has been ripped straight from VALORANT to the original FPS king.

Players believe the battle of the FPS’ has taken its next step, with CS2 “claiming back its territory” from nemesis VALORANT. However, based on the community’s reaction, it seems these guerilla tactics were the necessary progression that Counter-Strike needed.

Ideas from competitors weren’t the only changes Valve brought in, however. Mirage has made its official debut in CS2‘s limited test, replacing the infamous Dust II. This has led members of the community to start diving deep into the intricacies Mirage has to offer in the new update.

The new weapon selection system has fans deducing the perfect combination for each encounter. Players can now bring in a certain amount of weapons from each category, with the possibility of bringing the M4A4 and the M4A1-S into your weapon wheel at the same time.

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You’ll be able to bring in five different assault rifles in CS2, leaving room for weapons like the FAMAS and AWP alongside your M4A4 and M4A1-S combo. Players also spotted the new mid-tier assembly of submachine guns and shotguns.

Players welcomed this change as most weapons in these classes are “barely” used in matches and only really in specific situations or locations.

For now, we can all enjoy the updates from afar, as there’s still a strong chance a large portion of the community doesn’t have access yet. Not upset, just curious.

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