Astralis win ECS season two finals

They got revenge on OpTic for the ELEAGUE final.

Image via Turner Sports

In a rematch of the ELEAGUE season two final from a week ago, Astralis defeated OpTic Gaming to win the Esports Championship Series (ECS) finals in Anaheim, Calif.

The Danish side took a comprehensive victory over the Green Wall, winning 2-0 to claim the $250,000 first prize.

As for OpTic at ELEAGUE, the ECS win is the first major tournament title win for Astralis.

The Danes set the tone for a strong performance in map one. On Overpass they finished their T side 14-1. OpTic tried to mount a comeback, winning five of the next six rounds, but Astralis were able to close it out with relative ease.

From there they moved on to Train, and OpTic seemed ready to put up more of a fight. The sides traded rounds back and forth in the first half, with Astralis putting up a narrow 9-6 victory at the halfway point. However five straight rounds on the T side put them just two rounds away from victory. Despite another strong late rally from OpTic they were never able to overcome the deficit, and Astralis walked out winners at 16-11.

En route to the final, Astralis took out double Major winners SK Gaming 16-9 and 16-4, steamrollering their way to the final. OpTic had to overcome Group B winners EnVyUs, but were able to do so in two maps.

The calendar of major tournaments for 2016 is now over. But for OpTic and a host of others, there is one remaining challenge—the ELEAGUE Major qualifier next weekend.