Audi signs on as Astralis’ jersey sponsor

It's the result of the previous three-month pilot program.

Audi Denmark and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team Astralis will continue their partnership following the original three-month pilot program.

The three-month deal was reportedly valued at $750,000. The new partnership places Audi in a “key position” on Astralis’ new team jersey, which will be launched at a fan event held at the Fields Mall in Copenhagen.

Photo via Astralis, Audi

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“We are extremely pleased to be back on the chest of the Astralis jersey,” Audi Denmark digital manager Jacob Thiesen said in a statement. “The valuation of our initial partnership demonstrated some impressive numbers and effects and the cooperation with the team and RFRSH Entertainment was second to none. On this basis, we entered negotiations in the late summer, and we’re glad to announce the partnership—again.”

Terms of the new deal were not detailed.

Audi reported a massive return on investment—10 times the initial amount—measured by Nielsen Sport, Audi said in the press release. “The partnership has the potential to play a role in Audi Denmark’s future campaigns and model releases to engage with the attractive community in the world of esports,” Astralis and Audi said in the press release.