Another nasty CS2 bug is completely ruining rounds for T-side players

Looks like the round's over.

A CS2 player holds the bomb on T-side.
Image via Valve

The Counter-Strike 2 beta test’s second lap has already been fraught with gamebreaking bugs, and this latest one, which popped up today, may be the nastiest yet—a disappearing bomb glitch is completely throwing rounds for unlucky T-side players.

The bug is simple: players who disconnect while holding the bomb take the vital CS2 objective with them, ripping it away from the rest of the team. Even worse, the player who disconnects can return, but the bomb doesn’t come back with them. This leaves the bomb missing for the rest of the round, as shown by one unlucky gamer in a June 8 clip.

Fortunately, it’s not permanent; the bomb respawns in the next round.

This is actually the second gamebreaking bug found in the updated CS2 test run this week, after a new buy-menu exploit started saving players thousands.

Players will be glad to hear Valve is already on the case—and even better, the devs have been prepared for these errors from the start. The CS2 wizards at Valve actually warned fans and any potential beta players on June 6 that the Source 2 transition would likely involve a bug or two and not to worry about wins too much for now.

Even with these bugs, CS2’s second test has been relatively smooth sailing compared to the first, which saw multiple bugs plaguing the overhauled smokes and even weapons.

Valve was quick to patch pesky glitches ruining the beta experience during the rest test run, so it’s safe to assume these latest exploits and errors will get attention from the CS2 developers quite quickly too. Dot Esports expects they’re already hard at working behind the scenes to tidy up this nasty little bomb bug in particular too.

Odds are there’ll be more bugs in coming weeks but with any luck, everything will be pristine once full release arrives. Now, when is everyone getting beta access Valve?

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