All the Knives in CS:GO Operation Riptide

Tell me more, tell me more, like does the case have a knife?

Image via Valve

Operation Riptide just went online in CS:GO, and like the previous operations, it’s filled with changes and new additions to the game. While competitive players will have their eyes on changes that can affect the competitive side of the game, skin collectors will be after the new rare pieces they can add to their collection.

Almost all Operation Riptide skins feature bright colors that go well with all the stickers that were introduced in the patch. The Operation Riptide skins are enough of a reason to unlock its cases, but no one will hardly pass on a rare knife if they ever get lucky enough to drop one.

The Operation Riptide cases have a chance of dropping one of the following 30 knives and each auction for decent prices. Knives tend to be one of the most expensive cosmetic items in CS:GO, meaning you can secure yourself a game or two in the next Steam sale if you decide to sell yours.

Here are all the knives in CS:GO’s Operation Riptide case.