All CS:GO anime stickers

Decorate your weapon.

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Players have been able to customize their weapons with cool stickers in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive since Feb. 5, 2014. In this update, players could collect stickers and apply them to any weapon or gun skin, but they could only do this once, and most weapons can only have up to four stickers. The sticker would remain on any weapon, even if the player traded the weapon. You cannot trade vanilla weapon skins, so this doesn’t apply to them.

You can get stickers by opening a Sticker Capsule, buying them from the in-game store, trading stickers with other players, or buying stickers on the Steam Market. Stickers have rarity, determined by the color: blue (high grade), purple (remarkable), pink (exotic), red (extraordinary), and gold (contraband). They come in different qualities, such as normal, holo, foil, gold, glossy, glitter, and paper.

Anime stickers are extremely popular, and it is easy to see why. Despite looking like manga, they have a distinct militarized look, which makes them perfect for placing on your weapons or collecting. Because there are so many stickers in CS:GO, however, the anime stickers can be hard to find.

Below, we have all of the anime stickers currently available in CS:GO.

All anime stickers in CS:GO


Image via Valve

Currently, Cheongsam costs a little more than a dollar, but it has been pretty steady over the past few months. A Cheongsam is a traditional Chinese dress, as worn by the character in the sticker. Normally, the Cheongsam is fitted to the wearer, but that isn’t the case for the character in the sticker, as her dress can barely contain her legs. The character has blond ox horns with bun covers as a hairstyle and golden eyes. According to the wording on the heart on the sticker, she is holding her pink AK-47.

Kawaii Killer

Image via Valve

Kawaii Killer is the original sticker that sparked a lot of repeats and plays on it. Currently, it’s just over $1 to buy a Kawaii Killer original sticker, which is a fair deal. The sticker is an anime girl with orange hair, blue eyes, and a purple suit. She holds a rifle and shows the peace sign with her right hand. She looks like some sort of special ops soldier, which is exactly what a Kawaii CS:GO sticker should look like.

There is no way you should leave this one out of your collection since it is arguably the most popular one.

Kawaii Killer Terrorist

Image via Valve

Kawaii Killer Terrorist is essentially version two of the original Kawaii Killer. Instead of being dressed like a professional military or police force, Kawaii Killer Terrorist is dressed in attire that a terrorist in CS:GO might wear. She’s wearing cargo pants and a shirt with a bandana to protect her neck from the sun. She’s got blue hair and dark blue eyes. Like the original Kawaii Killer, this sticker is showing the peace sign and holding a rifle. The rifle on the terrorist sticker looks more like an AK-47, whereas the original looks like an M4A4.

Professional military organizations use M4A4s, but AK-47s are easier for civilians to obtain, so it makes sense that a terrorist sticker would have one.

Kawaii Killer community

Image via SkullSplitter

In CS:GO, kawaii stickers are the most common stickers to start in the community and end up at the store. Both of these feature a girl who looks like an anime or manga character, and the theme is similar to those of the two above. She holds a weapon of some kind and looks very cute. There are plenty of great versions of this, including some that improve on the original two stickers. You can get these in different qualities, and the market is very active.

Stickers made by the community are just as trustworthy as those made by Steam. CS:GO stickers made by the community have undergone rigorous testing and review before being included. Before entering the store, all stickers were approved by Steam employees, so you don’t need to worry about them coming down or having bugs.

Water Gun

Image via Valve

Whereas most anime stickers in CS:GO feature a chibi art style, Water Gun is closer to real anime than the rest. Compared to the previous entries on this list, the character on this sticker appears much more sophisticated and mature. Water Gun features a female character wearing a black Cheongsam far more revealing than the first entry. She wears an orange hat and has white cat-eared headphones. The character holds a large water gun, which seems to be the reason for the name.

Even though it appears like a high-powered rifle, the water gun has a water container for its ammo. Because of the silliness of the water gun, it’s one of our favorites of all of the CS:GO stickers.

Most likely to come very soon: Terrorist Chan and CT_Chan

Image via Milong

The community normally gives Steam the go-ahead to add skins to the game, generally done during the yearly competitions. The CS:GO Sticker contest begins on Aug. 21, and there are two anime stickers the community loves that are very likely to get in. These are the CT_Chan and the Terrorist Chan.

The Terrorist Chan sticker looks like she could be a regular civilian. She’s wearing jeans, a shirt, and sunglasses but has two knives. The sticker looks like she missed her target, but it’s still pretty cool. Two knives are shown in the background as a symbol of the terrorist side.

The CT_Chan sticker looks a lot more sophisticated than the Kawaii Killer stickers but is still very cosmetically appealing. She wears a militarized uniform, bulletproof vest, and pockets for tactical equipment. Instead of standing in a cool pose with a weapon, she makes a face that seems like she’s preparing for a light-hearted picture. Behind her are wings, showing she’s on the lighter side.

Best of all, they send a message to the player when they’re scraped. CT_Chan asks the player why they’re being scraped, while Terrorist Chan gets angry. Their yin and yang style is evident here, where one is bubbly, and the other is assertive.

Two honorable mentions

  • Baby Medusa
  • V for Victory