A look at the new 2018 Nuke Souvenir Collection

"Newke" got its own drop for the FACEIT London Major.

Image via Valve

Two new souvenir packages, the Nuke Collection and Inferno Collection, were discovered days before the FACEIT London Major, and the skins look really nice at first glance.

The 2018 Nuke Collection, in particular, contains the same theme that you’d expect for a map set in a nuclear power plant. It somewhat mirrors the previous Nuke Souvenir Collection, which had skins with nuclear emblems and warning decals decorated on the sides.

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In terms of rarities, the set in the new Nuke Collection contains two pinks, three purples, four blues, four light blues, and five grays. All 18 skins are also designs that have never been featured on other skins in CS:GO, so this is a special moment for skin creators hoping to break through in the Steam workshop scene.

Check out all 18 skins in the Nuke collection below.

The 2018 Nuke Collection

Surprisingly, these skins are available in a souvenir edition, or a special type of skin with golden stickers. Those stickers signify the match in which the drop was given to a Steam user and which player was awarded the in-game MVP for a given round.

For a chance to get a drop during the FACEIT London Major, be sure to link your Steam account to your Twitch account. From there, all you need to do is watch the matches to have a chance at receiving a drop. Watching doesn’t guarantee you a drop, though, because only a few thousand drops are given in every round of each match.