A BIG vs. Mouz rivalry forms after day 4 of StarSeries Season 6

U.K. AWPer Owen "smooya" Butterfield may have been the spark to the flame.

Photo via StarLadder

Today’s action at StarSeries Season Six brought about a new rivalry between BIG and Mousesports.

In the round-five elimination match between BIG and Mouz, Mouz mounted an all-out CT side comeback to force overtime, essentially trading 13-2 CT halves. But overtime heroics from Owen “smooya” Butterfield saved BIG’s playoff hopes as he won a clutch and had several impact frags. Their prolonged Train game ended in favor of BIG at 19-17.

Some antics involving smooya’s monitor crashing, him accidentally buying the CT auto sniper, and him yelling (in celebration) post-round peeved Mouz post-game. Smooya admitted in an interview with HLTV that he didn’t mean to be bad-mannered.

“Hurts to lose to a disrespectful kid,” Mouz captain Chris “chrisJ” de Jong said on Twitter, possibly talking about smooya’s behavior. ChrisJ further clarified that he wasn’t mad about the auto sniper, though. Mid-game chat logs that were extracted and posted on Twitter show the tension between both sides. 

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Besides the Mouz vs. BIG controversy, five other teams are also through to the playoffs in Kiev, Ukraine, including Renegades, Fragsters, OpTic Gaming, North, and Vega Squadron.

Swiss Format: Round four

2-1 matches

  • Renegades won Cache 16-12 vs. The Imperial
  • Fragsters won Nuke 16-12 vs. North
  • OpTic Gaming won Nuke 16-14 vs. Mousesports

1-2 matches

  • HellRaisers won Overpass 16-3
  • BIG won Cache 16-10 vs. TyLoo
  • Vega Squadron won Train 16-9 vs. Gambit Esports

Swiss Format: Round five

2-2 matches

  • BIG won Train 19-17 vs. Mousesports
  • North won Train 16-11 vs. The Imperial
  • Vega Squadron won Inferno 16-7 vs. HellRaisers

The quarterfinal matches of StarSeries Season Six will begin on Friday, Oct. 12 at 3am CT.