3 aces were produced on first day of PGL Stockholm Major—and all 3 came against Team Spirit

The CIS representatives were unlucky during the first day of the tournament.

Image via Team Spirit

The first day of the PGL Stockholm Major has come to an end and it provided CS:GO viewers with a couple of impressive plays, including three aces so far. And as it turns out, all of them were against one squad: Team Spirit.

The CIS representatives began the event with a close loss against FaZe Clan. But they ended their day on a high note by beating GODSENT afterward. Thus, the team finished 1-1 and will return to action tomorrow against TYLOO.

Nevertheless, the Russian side will be remembered as the team that all three aces were produced against on the first day of the PGL Stockholm Major. And make no mistake, all of them were spectacular.

The first ace came from FaZe’s olofmeister. The Swede sneakily found himself in the water position on Overpass, where his opponents were regrouping to attack the B bombsite. But they were unaware of the CS:GO legend’s location, who quickly eliminated the remaining four players to complete the ace.

Later on, Spirit were once again aiming to get onto the B bombsite. They were successful in terms of getting rid of Twistzz and olofmeister, but the in-game leader for FaZe was still on the site. Karrigan cleaned up the wounded Spirit members and picked up the second ace of the tournament.

The last ace came during Spirit’s clash with GODSENT. This time, the players were on Nuke, with Spirit once again on the attacking side. Magixx’s team were on an eco round, but they almost pulled off an upset by winning the 18th round. The Brazilian veteran felps, however, held his ground and didn’t allow Spirit to run away with a win, scoring an ace for himself along the way.

The PGL Major Stockholm returns tomorrow, with the first matches taking place at 3am CT. You can stay up to date with the PGL Stockholm Major scores, standings, and schedule here.