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An image of Financier Cookie from Cookie Run Kingdom
Image via Devsisters

The best Defensive Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom, ranked

Defense is the best offense.

In Cookie Run Kingdom, there are three positions where Cookies can be placed. You’ll often place your damage-dealers in the Middle, and your support-type Cookies in the Rear, but today we’re looking at the best Cookies to throw up Front.

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Over the years, many defence-based Cookies have been added to Cookie Run Kingdom. Most of these frontliners focus on generating shields and absorbing damage, while the others also provide added offense. There are, of course, standouts among the best defensive Cookies, especially in terms of consistency and effectiveness.

Here are the best defensive Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom.

The best defensive Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom, ranked

7) Strawberry Crepe Cookie

Strawberry Crepe Cookie
Strawberry madness. Image via Devsisters

Strawberry Crepe Cookie is a charming princess covered in shades of color and pink that’s among the cutest Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom. Don’t be deceived by her cute looks though, since she is a force to be reckoned with in the front row, especially with her Crepe Thrust ability that causes area damage while also reducing the damage received by two of her allies with the lowest current HP.

Her magic candy skill, known as Crepe Energy Blast!, is also a top-tier weapon for dealing damage and inflicting debuffs. Players that still don’t have Super Epic rare or higher Cookies can rely on Strawberry Crepe Cookie as a decent Front Cookie.

6) Wildberry Cookie

Wildberry Cookie
Defense and offense in one. Image via Devsisters

Wildberry Cookie is one of the most flexible Defense cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom. He’s more used as an offensive Front Cookie since his Wild Punch ability literally punches the enemies up to the air, with a final uppercut being his final finishing blow. He can also become resistant to interrupting effects, making Wilderry Cookie a reliable option if you opt to choose a Front Cookie that balances offense and defense.

Combining him with Pitaya Dragon Cookie makes your team more offensive, while a combo with Hollyberry Cookie brings out the very best in terms of absorbing a lot of damage in any Cookie Run Frontline.

5) Elder Faerie Cookie

Elder Faerie Cookie
Behold, the leader of the Silver Tree Knights. Screenshot via Dot Esports

Elder Faerie Cookie plays a significant role in the lore of Cookie Run Kingdom, especially since he’s the former ruler of the Faerie Kingdom. But his relevance to the story matches his prowess as one of the best Defensive Cookies, especially with how his ability known as Guardian’s Valor does many things to his teammates and enemies. He can deal damage, taunt enemies, purify debuffs, cause explosions, create a shield, and produce Prism Shards which can negate all damage exceeding 10 percent of an ally Cookie’s max HP.

Using Elder Faerie Cookie alongside his other Silver Tree Knights, namely Silverbell Cookie and Mercurial Knight Cookie, as well as the Ancient rare White Lily Cookie forms one of the most dominating teams.

4) Fettuccine Cookie

Fettucine Cookie against Golden Cheese Kingdom background in Cookie Run Kingdom
Cuteness and defense in one. Images via Devsisters. Remixed by Dot Esports

Fettuccine Cookie is not your ordinary Defensive Cookie. She can become Immortal, meaning she can absorb any form of damage while lowering the attack speed of her enemies. Her ability, Unstable Fettuccine, may slightly confuse Fettuccine Cookie, but this allows her to restore her HP and taunt and deal damage to her enemies.

Fettuccine Cookie can be a standalone Front Cookie if you wish, but putting another Cookie alongside her can bring out the best in her to ensure your team is protected. A proven meta team both in the PvE and PvP where Fettuccine Cookie shines as a Defensive Cookie is the Creme Brulee Cookie formation, where Burnt Cheese Cookie and Financier Cookie are your other defenders.

3) Crimson Coral Cookie

Crimson Coral Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom.
What a buff. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Crimson Coral Cookie’s skill, Somber Affection, grants her and her teammates the Coral Armor buff when she is the only Cookie in the Front, giving each of your Cookies the ability to reflect 30 percent damage plus 30 percent of damage resistance.

Use Crimson Coral Cookie alongside Cookies with high damage output, like White Lily Cookie, Golden Cheese Cookie, or Frost Queen Cookie, to make the most out of her buff, or just put her in the Front alone while using a two-Middle, two-Rear Cookie composition.

2) Financier Cookie

An image of Financier Cookie from Cookie Run Kingdom
Mighty defense. Image via Devsisters

Protecting all of your Cookies is always the main goal of Defensive Cookies. But in the case of Financier Cookie, her priority to protect is either Clotted Cream Cookie or your Cookie with the highest attack.

This may sound like a drawback ability. But in reality, her Paladin Protection paves the way for creating some of the most powerful team compositions, mainly with her synergy with Creme Brulee Cookie to make it one of the most damaging Cookies. Financier Cookie can also increase the attack, damage, and critical resistance of her protected Cookie while also healing herself in the process.

1) Hollyberry Cookie

Hollyberry Cookie
To defend and protect. Screenshot via Dot Esports

The top Defensive Cookie on our list is the golden standard of protecting and shielding. Hollyberry Cookie, the Ancient Cookie tasked with protecting other Ancient Cookies, is the best Defensive Cookie in all of Cookie Run Kingdom.

The aim of Hollyberry Cookie’s ability called Oath on the Shield is simple; defend and shield her ally Cookies while granting additional HP. This alone already proves that Hollyberry Cookie is the best defender in the game, but her skill also makes her gain Seed of Life stacks which can bloom into the Berry of Life buff (adds Stun to the next skill’s charge damage). A great Front pick in terms of establishing offense and defense that can be inserted into almost any team, Hollyberry Cookie is considered a must-get Cookie.

All the Cookies across our list are reliable choices, but it all boils down to the origin of Defensive Cookies, and Hollyberry Cookie is always in the spotlight.

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