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World Zero codes (May 2024)

Slay the dragon better than the rest with the help of World // Zero codes!

Updated May 15, 2024: We looked for new codes.

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Embark on a fantasy journey of your dreams in World // Zero! Pick from a large selection of classes and start your grand adventure to defeat fearsome bosses, raise pets, and collect epic loot. If this sounds scary, don’t worry—we have just the thing for you!

Starting your hero’s journey is difficult, but with World // Zero codes, the adventure is much easier. Redeem codes to get accessories for your pets, cosmetics for your adventurer, and other useful upgrades. If you’re a fan of fantasy-inspired games and weapons, check out our Pull a Sword codes article and get freebies in that game, too.

All World Zero codes list

World Zero codes (Active)

  • BLUEGREENRED—Redeem for rewards (New)
  • 750KLIKES—Redeem for 150 Crystals
  • WORLDZERO—Redeem for Zero Player title and a Developer Gift
  • NECRO—Redeem for Necro Aura
  • 725KLIKES—Redeem for 150 Crystals

World Zero codes (Expired)

  • 700KLIKES
  • 675KLIKES
  • 11CCEE
  • WORLD10
  • 300MIL
  • 650LIKES
  • 600KLIKES
  • 625LIKES
  • HOLIDAY2021

How to redeem codes in World Zero

To redeem codes in World // Zero, follow the instructions below:

World Zero Guide Code Redemption
Click these buttons to redeem your code | Screenshot by Dot Esports
  1. Open World // Zero in Roblox.
  2. Press Tab to open the menu on the right side.
  3. Click the Rewards icon to open the codes redemption box.
  4. Enter the code in the text field.
  5. Press Claim and get your prize.

How to get more World Zero codes

The best way to find all the working World // Zero codes is to save this article. Press CTRL + D to bookmark it and sit back as we scour the web to find all the newest codes.

If you want to search for codes on your own, check out the official X account (@WorldZeroGame), the World // Zero Discord server, and the World // Zero Roblox group.

Why are my World Zero codes not working?

There are two main reasons why your World // Zero codes might not be working. The first is because the codes have expired. The codes don’t last too long, so redeem them as soon as possible.

The second reason could be that you didn’t type the code correctly. Every code has numbers and special characters that are case-sensitive. Make sure to double-check your spelling or copy (CTRL+C) and paste (CTRL+V) the code directly into the text box.

How to get other free rewards in World Zero

The only way to get rewards right now is via World // Zero codes. However, if you join the official Roblox group, you gain 20 bank slots and ten inventory slots, which is an incredible boost! Otherwise, there are giveaways in the official Discord every once in a while, so participate if you feel lucky.

What is World Zero?

World // Zero is a fantasy RPG Roblox title inspired by the pillars of the genre, such as Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. Start your newfound journey as one of many iconic classes, ranging from the ol’ reliable Swordsmith and Paladin to something more nuanced, such as Dragoon or Shadowblade. With more than ten explorable worlds, a plethora of dungeons, and many pets to collect and raise, there is something for everyone in this beautiful experience.

If you love fantasy games on Roblox, check out our list of Village Defense Tycoon codes to get free goodies! If you want extra items in other titles, head over to our Roblox Codes section.

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