Where to find the Portable Redeploy Balloon in Warzone

Up, up, and away.

Image via Activision

Depending on where you land in a Warzone match, you may need to be more mobile than the other squads on the map. While you won’t need to do much if the circle continues to collapse on your squad, getting caught on the opposite side of the map can cause you to look for vehicles or Redeploy Balloons.

The Redeploy Balloons were added to Warzone during Season Two, and the item’s making a comeback in Season Four reloaded in a portable form. The portable version of the Redeploy Balloon lets players place a balloon at the desired location, making the item more versatile.

Where can you find the Portable Redeploy Balloon in Warzone?

The Portable Redeploy Balloon can be found inside Supply Drops or it can be acquired through completing Contracts in Warzone. The item can also appear inside loot crates with a lower than average drop rate.

How to use the Portable Redeploy Balloon in Warzone

  • Equip the Portable Redeploy Balloon.
  • Point it at where you’d like to place it and press the activate button.

When the Portable Redeploy Balloon is set, players will be able to boost themselves up to the sky by interacting with it. The item has a duration of 30 seconds, so you won’t have that much time to waste once it’s ready to go.