Warzone 2 streamer flabbergasted over Precision Airstrike buff: ‘I just don’t f*****g get it’

He could not believe what he was reading.

Image via Activision

It’s always a good time watching Call of Duty streamers react to patch notes in real time before a big update rolls out, and today’s season three patch is no different.

One of Warzone 2’s biggest streamers, Teepee, was quick to hop into the lengthy notes for season three today to see what the future holds for the battle royale game he recently took a break from to instead focus on Modern Warfare 2 ranked play.

And things were going well for a while up until Teep reached a specific section of the patch notes focusing on the battle royale economy for items at the buy stations. While some items got some hefty increases in price, the decision to halve the price of the powerful Precision Airstrike killstreak sent the CoD world champion into a frenzy.

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“Oh my god,” Teep exclaimed. “Oh my god. I just don’t fucking get it. I’m trying so hard to be positive, but there’s no way they half the prices of the airstrikes. There’s just no way they watch anyone play this game, or play this game, I refuse to believe it.”

The Precision Airstrike is an oppressive killstreak in Warzone 2 especially. It can be aimed at a designated area and marked for a flyby from a fighter jet to obliterate the region with gunfire, leading players to either be downed or forced to hide until it’s gone.

But it wasn’t just the airstrike that had Teep in a tizzy. He continued reading and saw that the price was also decreased for the Counter-UAV killstreak, too.

“Counter-UAV, too,” Teep continued. “Just fucking turn my screen off when it pops a Counter-UAV for 2,000 dollars. Just make my entire screen do that fucking static bullshit, I don’t even wanna see anymore, and then airstrike me into oblivion.”

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The frustration continues to mount for Warzone 2 players who have been hoping for a long time that this update will be a big one to improve the game. But with questionable pricing choices at buy stations now, the struggles may continue.

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