A shocking number of MW2 ranked players failed to climb past Gold in season 2

That's a whole lot of players in the bottom ranks.

Image via Activision

Modern Warfare 2’s first season of ranked play has come to an end, and Treyarch has revealed the distribution of players in each of the game’s skill divisions.

In short, the overwhelmingly vast majority of players who played at least 30 ranked matches in season two of MW2 reside in the bottom three tiers of skill divisions. Over half of all players, 51.3 percent of them, never made it higher than Silver.

The distribution only gets more paltry from there. At the very top of the MW2 rankings list, just one percent of all players made it to the highest rank of Iridescent, and only three percent made it to the rank below that, Crimson.

Image via Treyarch

At the higher end of the curve, just 7.4 percent of players made it to Diamond, and 13.8 percent of players made it to Platinum. Almost a quarter of all players, meanwhile, got to the Gold skill division with 23.5 percent of all players finding their way there. That means just 11.4 percent of all players ranked higher than Platinum.

Treyarch also announced that when season three begins, players’ final skill division in season two will determine where they begin in the new season, confirming “Bronze through Crimson players start in Tier One of the Skill Division below where they finished season two” and “Iridescent and Top 250 players will start in Diamond One.”

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The new season will offer new rewards, demotion protection, and an all-new grind for ranked play players in MW2’s second competitive season, which borrows rules and modes directly from the Call of Duty League.

Season three is a new beginning for the countless Bronze, Silver, and Gold players looking to climb and improve. It all kicks off on the afternoon of Wednesday, April 12.


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