Teep succumbs to Warzone 2 despair after glitching into buy station: ‘It is so difficult to be optimistic’

This was not a good look for the CoD BR.

Screengrab via Twitch.tv/Teepee

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 players everywhere are looking forward to tomorrow’s season three update, which is set to address many community complaints. But one CoD world champion and streamer is having a tough time seeing the silver lining just yet.

Just minutes after reading up on the changes coming to the battle royale game, TeePee found himself in an unfortunate and precarious spot—literally—as he dived into and got stuck inside of a buy station on Ashika Island.

“So guys, what do you wanna talk about?” Teep joked right after his eyes nearly rolled into the back of his head in response to getting stuck in a buy station for the second time during his Tuesday stream.

Teep, who’s spent the vast majority of season two in CoD playing Modern Warfare 2’s ranked play mode, has been getting back into the Warzone 2 grind in anticipation of the upcoming changes. But the current state of the game seems to be wearing on the competitive CoD legend.

“It is so difficult to, like, just be optimistic,” Teep said. “It really is. And I want to be, I feel like I’m a fairly positive person. And I really just want the vibes to be all happy all the time, but it’s crazy. Dude, it’s crazy.”

Teep spent the next few minutes attempting to use proximity voice chat to find an enemy player to put him out of his misery as he spoke with his chat. Eventually he was found and taken out, which allowed him to respawn in the Resurgence mode.

For any gamer, content creator or otherwise, it’s easy to see how a game could become frustrating when playing it for eight-plus hours a day, so it’s easy to give Teep a pass for his frustrations when something like this happens multiple times during a stream.

Teep will be joining dozens of other content creators live and streaming the Warzone 2 season three update as it goes live tomorrow, April 12, but it remains to be seen if he’ll be able to enjoy what it has to offer instead of being stuck in place for several minutes at a time.


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