Treyarch plans to fix emote peeking in CoD: Black Ops 4

Thank you, Treyarch.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has only been available worldwide for just over one day—but that doesn’t mean Treyarch’s work is done.

The developer published a launch day Reddit post yesterday talking about updates that have already been made to the game, as well as upcoming changes to Black Ops 4. And one of the most important topics of discussion involved an unintended use of the gestures feature.

Sprays and emotes were officially added to the Call of Duty franchise in Black Ops 4. In a system similar to Fortnite: Battle Royale, players can bring up a selection wheel by clicking right on the D-pad (on console), and from there, they can simply rotate the right analog stick to pick an emote or spray.

When using certain gestures, however, players gain a third-person perspective that can provide an unfair advantage to others in the first-person shooter. Even if you’re staring at a tree, for example, “emote peeking” will allow you to look around the obstruction if you use some of the current gestures.

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Treyarch is aware of players using gestures to peek around corners, though, and the developer plans to fix the issue immediately. 

“We’re currently working on an update that creates two systems for Gestures – the default system that is in the game now, and a competitive version that disables free look and applies different camera settings to prevent using it to see around corners,” Treyarch said. “The default system will be used in parts of the game where corner peeking won’t affect gameplay balance (like the staging area of Blackout), and the competitive version will be used in modes where a more restrictive camera system is needed. We want players to always have fun with Gestures as intended, but never at the expense of fair gameplay.”

A lot of Call of Duty fans are thrilled to see that Treyarch remains committed to engaging with the community and fixing any issues that arise in Black Ops 4

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