Top 4 classic CoD games you should play now that the Xbox 360 servers are back up

These all-time classics have been revived.

A Black Ops 2 screenshot featuring drones flying in the air behind a soldier.
Image via Activision

Sometimes, it’s fun to go back and play some old classic multiplayer titles. But for Call of Duty fans, that has been largely impossible for the past few years.

For years, the servers laid mostly dormant, making it nearly impossible to find a new match. But recently, likely as a part of the deal between Microsoft and Activision to possibly bring old titles to Xbox Game Pass one day, the servers have been fixed and the games are playable once again.

Here are which classic CoD titles you should boot back up or buy to play on Xbox now that the servers are fixed.

4) Call of Duty: World at War

Key art for Call of Duty: World at War
Where it all began for some. Image via Activision

Welcome to the beginning of the Zombies craze.

World at War was Treyarch’s final WWII game before entering the Black Ops saga. Originally sandwiched between CoD 4: Modern Warfare and the original MW2, World at War is often overlooked, but it stands up as one of the better WWII CoD titles.

While World at War’s multiplayer had its own layers of excitement, like Prestige ranks and tanks on certain maps, fans of the Zombies mode should enjoy heading back to the beginning to experience the original Nacht der Untoten experience that started it all.

3) Call of Duty: Black Ops

A screenshot of gameplay on the Black Ops 1 map Summit.
Great campaign, multiplayer, and zombies all in one. Image via Activision

When word spread of old CoD servers being fixed, players flocked to Black Ops 1—and for good reason. BO1’s map design, weapons, and complete package of modes have had it go down as a favorite for many.

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BO1’s multiplayer features some of the best and most memorable maps in the series, including the original Nuketown, Firing Range, Summit, and Jungle. And don’t forget about the glorious FAMAS assault rifle.

BO1 also introduced Wager Matches, an incredibly fun way to group up for party modes like One in the Chamber, Gun Game, and Sticks and Stones while betting CoD Points on themselves to win. No, not the CoD Points we now know, but points that were used to unlock certain cosmetics in-game. No real money required.

And not to mention, more and better Zombies experiences. There’s still plenty to love in Black Ops 1.

2) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

A screenshot of Shadow Company soldiers in 2009's MW2.
The all-time classic. Image via Activision

If CoD 4 introduced the franchise to the mainstream, the original MW2 kicked the door in and turned the series into a veritable pop culture phenomenon.

MW2 took what made CoD 4 great and turned the dial up to 11. This is the game that many look back on as their favorite and most fun CoD experience, thanks in large part to the vast roster of guns that all performed well, with some notable standouts being the ACR and UMP 45.

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This wasn’t the most balanced CoD of all time, but that’s why players seemed to have more fun with it. Things like One Man Army, Commando Pro, and Akimbo Ranger shotguns were ridiculous, but so enjoyable to use all the way back in 2009. And they’re still fun in 2023.

1) Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Screenshot of Black Ops 2 multiplayer combat.
One of the best. Image via Activision

And still the king.

Black Ops 2 is widely regarded by many to be the pinnacle of the CoD multiplayer experience. Introducing the Pick-10 system changed the game in CoD, allowing further class customization than ever before.

Killstreaks were replaced with Scorestreaks, encouraging players to play the objective instead of just camping for kills to fill up the sky with powerful boosts, helping make one of the more fun and balanced experiences in the franchise.

BO2’s maps and weapons were also incredible, featuring locations like Standoff, Slums, Hijacked, and Raid. The weaponry contained some of the best in the series, including the M8A1, AN-94, MSMC, and DSR-50.

And then there was League Play, CoD’s first iteration at a ranked mode. While unbalanced and not all that accurate or indicative of skill, it set the stage for CoD’s rise in competitive play and esports, along with the first CoDcaster, making BO2 one of the best competitive CoD titles to this day.


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