TimTheTatman dies seconds before completing new Most Wanted bounty in Call of Duty: Warzone

So close, yet so far.

timthetatman overwatch
Screengrab via TimTheTatMan

Call of Duty: Warzone received a new Most Wanted contract in today’s update. TimTheTatman attempted to complete the challenge but was killed seconds before finishing it, which resulted in a hilarious clip.

Tim was playing Warzone with CouRage, Nadeshot, and BasicallyIDoWrk when he picked up the new Most Wanted contract. The contract marks the players on the map for five minutes and redeploys their dead teammates if they manage to survive. Tim was close to finishing the challenge when disaster struck.

Tim eliminated a player in the distance trying to kill him and began to celebrate for finishing the tough challenge. He started a five-second countdown because he thought he was safe. But an enemy sniper managed to get a line of sight on Tim from a nearby building and shot him with less than five seconds to go in the challenge. Tim and his team were devastated that he was eliminated and couldn't help but laugh about the situation.

The Most Wanted contract hasn't been well received by the Call of Duty community, though. A lot of players enjoyed the previous bounty contract and how it sped up the mid game of Warzone and kept things exciting. Tim even tweeted about adding the original bounties back to the game. Several other popular streamers also expressed their disappointment about the removal of the original bounty contract.

It's unclear if Infinity Ward has any plans to bring the original bounty contract back to Warzone, so players are likely stuck with the Most Wanted contract for the time being.