The notorious Call of Duty: Warzone infinite tactical equipment glitch is back

Players are once again surviving in the gas.

Image via Activision

Last year, a game-breaking bug allowed players to have unlimited tactical equipment in Call of Duty: Warzone. This let players survive indefinitely in the gas with Stims or spam enemies with tactical grenades.

And now, a version of the glitch appears to be back. Dozens of people are encountering players using unlimited Stims in their Warzone lobbies. 

Multiple players have recently uploaded clips of enemies surviving in the gas at the end of the match by abusing the unlimited Stims exploit. This allows players to heal themselves and stay in the gas without risk continuously. Players who aren't using the bug will eventually die to the gas unless they manage to kill the cheating player. 

People who are abusing this exploit will typically hide deep in the gas, making it almost impossible for legitimate players to win. Some players have managed to hunt down the cheaters in the gas, but most are forced to watch as they abuse the exploit to win. 

Infinity Ward released a fix for the bug in October, but it appears that it was added back in a recent update. The glitch seems to work with other tactical equipment and other cheaters will likely start spamming stun and flash grenades. Many players were already unhappy with the current state of Warzone due to overpowered weapons, making this bug just another issue for them to worry about. 

Raven Software hasn't publicly addressed the bug yet, but an update will likely be released at some point to resolve the problem.