Sources: New York Subliners in discussions to acquire Sib from Atlanta FaZe

NYSL are targeting one of the top Challengers players.

The New York Subliners are aggressively pursuing a deal to acquire Atlanta FaZe substitute Sib, who would replace DiamondCon in the Subliners’ starting lineup, according to sources.

If New York succeed in acquiring Sib, the team’s starting roster for Stage Three of the Call of Duty League is projected to be Clayster, Asim, Sib, and HyDra, meaning Mack and DiamondCon would be benched.

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Sib has proven to be one of the most talented players in Challengers circuit this season. His team, Fantastic Four, won at the Challengers Elite Playoffs, securing $20,000 between the four. They also took home first place in the ninth Challengers Cup, as well as second place in the 10th Challengers Cup and Stage Two of Challengers Elite.

Sib, who is currently listed as Atlanta’s only substitute, would be the seventh player signed to Subliners this season, including ZooMaa, who announced his retirement in January before the season due to a hand injury.

HyDra, a 19-year-old French player, had projected to be a part of New York’s starting lineup at the beginning of the season before running into visa-related issues, which delayed his arrival in the United States until March, at which time he joined the Subliners’ Academy team.

The Subliners are reeling from a winless, top-eight placing at the Stage Two Major despite the team entering the event on a four-match win streak in group play. New York finished third at the first Major of the season in early March.