7 December 2017 - 05:31

Snip3down and other Halo players will compete under MoneyMatches at the CWL Dallas Open

One of Halo's best players will be competing at the CWL Dallas Open.
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Photo via David Doran

One of the most prolific Halo players of all time has found an organization to compete under for the first major Call of Duty World League LAN event of WWII.

Eric "Snip3down" Wrona and other Halo players will play under esports betting platform MoneyMatches for this weekend's CWL Dallas Open.

Snip3down has competed on the Team Envy Halo roster since August 2016, and until early November, he played with current Envy CoD player Cuyler "Huke" Garland as part of the Halo team. Together, they took home three offline titles and finished first in the HCS Pro League fall seasons in both 2016 and 2017.

But accomplishments aren't foreign to Snip3down—he's been winning titles for nearly a decade. The 21-time champion took home his first offline championship in 2008 and has won basically everything there is to win except a world title. Snip3down was even an X Games gold medalist on Evil Geniuses in 2016.

Snip3down's roster for CWL Dallas will include Garrett "LifeStyle" Miller and former Halo World Championship runners-up Carlos "Cratos" Ayala and Ayden "Suspector" Hill. Cratos and Suspector played together on Team Allegiance during the 2016 world title tournament, where they eventually fell to CLG in the grand finals.

Although these players all have individual success in Halo, their achievements in Call of Duty are pretty much non-existent. Snip3down has the most experience—he finished top 16 in both the CWL Championship regional qualifier and UMG Dallas during Ghosts.

This wasn't the original roster, though. Snip3down planned to compete at the event with former Team Liquid player Tyler "Spartan" Ganza, two-time Halo world champion Bradley "Frosty" Bergstrom, and Trevor "Trev" Lindgren, a Call of Duty player who recently streamed a CWL 2K tournament from his car.

The roster fell apart in a few phases, however. Trev departed from the roster first after allegedly practicing while under the influence and missing the Dec. 3 2K, according to Spartan. Following that, Frosty became sick on Dec. 4, forcing him out of competing. And Spartan decided later that day to not compete after the collapse of his roster, leaving Snip3down with minimal time to find three new teammates. The quick roster turnaround presumably left room for little to no practice together.

On top of the lack of CoD experience and team chemistry, MoneyMatches will also have to fight through the grueling open bracket in order to reach the championship bracket at CWL Dallas, but it's not an impossible feat. With their first-person-shooter experience and the unpredictability of their playstyles, Snip3down and crew will look to shock everyone when CWL Dallas begins on Dec. 8.

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