Shadow Siege MW2: How to assist in killing 5 commanders

Tough enemies, better reward.

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In Call of Duty‘s in-game reveal for Modern Warfare 3, players are given the task of infiltrating an underground base at the center of Al Mazrah alongside hundreds of other players in the grand Modern Warfare 2 Shadow Siege event.

There are also a few different unlockable items connected to the game, like the new M13C assault rifle. This weapon can be used in both MW2 and MW3, but if you’re looking to use the rifle now, you must assist in killing five “commanders” while playing in the Shadow Siege event. However, it might not be completely clear what these commanders are, and how you should approach them.

How to assist in killing five commanders in MW3 reveal event

According to Activision Blizzard, commanders come in the form of AI attack helicopters, Wheelsons, and lumbering Juggernauts that appear in the underground caves as you try to escape with a gas canister.

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There aren’t any indicators for these special enemies, though. As a result, you’ll need to keep your eye on a swivel, so you don’t miss out on killing these opponents. Try to balance your efforts both inside the underground base and outside, because these commanders don’t spawn too often.

These enemies are deadlier than normal Konni combatants and can gun you down easily if you aren’t careful, but you must open fire and assist in their demise in order to unlock the new M13C rifle. Once you’ve assisted in taking down five of these commanders, you should have the gun unlocked for use in MW2 multiplayer, Warzone, and in MW3.


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