Raven Software says it’s aware of Call of Duty: Warzone hitmarker bug

It's being investigated.

Image via Activision

Raven Software, the developer handling Call of Duty: Warzone, has acknowledged a new issue with hitmarkers in the battle royale game.

Not long after last night’s update, players began reporting that hitmarkers weren’t showing up when shooting enemies in Verdansk. Thankfully, the developer is acutely aware and has responded quickly, acknowledging the issue on Twitter today.

Screengrab via Trello

The official Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Trello board was updated with the information this afternoon. The card says that “enemies inconsistently show hit markers and kill markers when shot,” and it’s tagged with an “Investigating” label.

Activision and Raven came out with a statement on combating cheaters earlier in the week. The developer promised to be more open and provide more consistent updates on the game’s development. Today’s communication is a great start and indicator of that new philosophy.

The new Warzone update last night was deployed to fix the infinite stim glitch for a second time, but it seems like it’s created another issue itself with this hitmarker bug. But since Raven is already on it, it could be fixed soon.

The Season One Reloaded update hit Black Ops Cold War and Warzone earlier in the week, adding new content and fixing bugs.

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