Raven Software announces 13,000 cheaters banned in latest ban wave

Will it be enough?

Image via Activision

Raven Software has announced another massive ban wave for Call of Duty: Warzone.

The developers claim that they’ve banned 13,000 accounts in just the most recent ban wave, and that there are more to come.

Raven Software has been accused by the Warzone community of not having a functioning anti-cheat, and despite the big ban waves, fans are still upset.

The claim is that without an active anti-cheat and hardware bans, the cheating players simply make new accounts. Thus, the situation turns less into a game of cat and mouse between the developer and the cheaters and more into a game of Whack-A-Mole.

Cheating has been a massive issue in Warzone from the beginning of the game, and has multiplied exponentially because of its popularity and free-to-play status. It’s caused several popular CoD streamers to become frustrated and quit the game, but it hasn’t slowed the game’s absurd popularity. At it’s roots, it’s a good concept–a battle royale with the wildly successful Modern Warfare aesthetic, with buy-ins, intense one-on-ones in the Gulag, and other ways players can continue their journey after their death (provided their squad is still alive).

Warzone launched just as the COVID-19 pandemic reached a peak in the western world. During a time when it was widely suggested or outright required to remain home by health officials, Warzone was a break from thinking about the nasty outside world. But, if the anti-cheat situation isn’t resolved, it could fast become just another point of frustration.