Vikkstar claims to have ‘open line of communication directly with Activision’ after quitting Warzone

It's a start.

Image via Activision

One of Call of Duty‘s largest content creators, Vikkstar, said today that he has an “open line of communication directly with Activision” in regard to cheating in Warzone following his decision to quit the battle royale game.

Warzone players have been frustrated with the amount of cheating in the battle royale game for some time, but tensions seem to be reaching a boiling point.

The frustrations of the Warzone community were summed up by streamer Bobby Poff, who lashed out at Activision in a viral rant on Jan. 28, thrusting the issue into the public eye. Bobby Poff has since deleted the tweet of the video, but it was uploaded in a Reddit thread. The rant resonated with Warzone fans across all forms of social media, with many sharing their own stories of frustration with cheaters and hackers.

Earlier in January, 100 Thieves professional Warzone player Tommey sat down with a cheater in a call and interviewed him. It’s unknown whether the cheater was banned.

By Jan. 30, Vikkstar had announced that he wouldn’t be playing the game anymore after finding a cheater livestreaming his hacks with seemingly no repercussions.

Vikkstar hasn’t publicly said whether he’ll be returning to Warzone, merely that lines of communication are now open.

Open lines of communication are great, but cheating has been a problem since the launch of Warzone in March 2020. With Activision now facing more ire from the Warzone community than ever before, it might be too little, too late.