Potential Call of Duty: Modern Warfare bug respawns you with no HUD after dying while hacking an explosive

The only way to fix it is by hacking another device.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare certainly brought back the charm of classic installments in the franchise, like Modern Warfare 2, with excellent gunplay and nostalgic mechanics. But a myriad of bugs has been adversely affecting the experience for frustrated players.

One fan posted a potential bug on Reddit today that respawns players without the Heads Up Display (HUD) after dying while hacking a device. The glitch seems to remove the mini-map, as well as any hit markers, objective and killstreak icons, and nameplates.

“Hey IW, if you die while hacking a device you’ll respawn with no HUD and it won’t go away until you hack another device,” the player said. “You also won’t be able to use killstreaks.”

The E.O.D. perk allows you to hack enemy Claymores, Proximity Mines, and C4, turning the explosives against your enemy. But using it appears to result in a frustrating bug that heavily impacts the matchmaking experience. And the only way to fix the bug is to hack another device, according to the player.

Other players report similar issues with the E.O.D. perk. One fan claims that after hacking, the HUD disappears for a second and then the attempt has to be made again. Another player says that their camera got stuck in the position it was in when the hacking attempt was made and wouldn’t change.

This isn’t the first time players ran into issues with the E.O.D. perk. A previous report of a bug claimed that hacking wouldn’t work at all, with the animation repeatedly resetting.

It’s unclear whether this bug is affecting all players or just a select few. But if it continues to be an issue, Infinity Ward will likely fix it in the next update.