Potential Call of Duty: Modern Warfare bug affects E.O.D. Claymore hacking

It’s unclear whether it's a common issue or only affecting a select few.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare developers released a much-needed update earlier today, balancing out some overpowered weapons while also introducing new maps and game modes. But a frustrating bug may have found its way into Infinity Ward’s first-person shooter.

One Modern Warfare player posted a video on Reddit today that showcases a potential bug that prevents E.O.D. hacking. The E.O.D. perk allows players to hack enemy explosives and trophy systems, while also taking reduced damage from non-killstreak explosives.

“E.O.D. is now completely broken post update (PS4),” the player said. “Pressing square to hack does not work, the animation just resets. Also approaching Claymores from behind sometimes does not even bring up the hack prompt.”

The unlucky player tried several times to hack an enemy Claymore to no avail. After the animation reset a few times, the player was mowed down by an opponent.

It’s unclear whether this bug is widespread or if it was an unfortunate occurrence, however. Some players claim that E.O.D. is functioning correctly in their games.

“I have used E.O.D a lot and I haven’t had this happen to me so it may just be lag or a glitch on your end,” a player commented on the Reddit post.

Another player encountered a similar experience of the animation not working properly, but the hacking still went through.

If this bug continues to plague Modern Warfare, Infinity Ward will likely hotfix it as soon as possible.