Claymores and M4A1 receive nerfs in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s latest update

Thank you, Infinity Ward.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare multiplayer has undergone drastic changes in one of the largest updates since the game’s official release on Oct. 25

Infinity Ward has nerfed Claymores so they don’t eliminate players at full health in today’s update 1.07. The trigger and damage radius were nerfed so players can clear buildings without having to worry about pesky Claymores.  

Hardpoint has been added to the official public playlist. The fast-paced objective game mode was previously only available in custom games. This means that fans can now enjoy all three competitive game modes in the public multiplayer playlist. 

Two new maps, Shoot House and Krovnik Farmland, have been added to the public playlist. Shoot House has been added to all public game modes, while Krovnik Farmland is only available in the Ground War playlist. 

The 725 shotgun has received a slight nerf and buff. Its aim-down sight speed has increased as well as its hip spread, making the gun viable in a fast-paced situation. But its damage range has also been decreased.

The M4A1, arguably the best assault rifle in the game, has received a nerf, too. Its damage range has been decreased alongside the 725 and its recoil has increased slightly. But the effect of this nerf is yet to be seen in competitive play. 

Two significant bugs were fixed in this update. First, the sprint speed has been reverted to the fast-paced speed in the Modern Warfare beta. Second, the bomb defusal progress bug has been fixed. Previously, players could view the progress of the bomb defusal in Search and Destroy because there was a small red bar indicating the time.

Although these changes are considered to be widely positive, several competitive complaints haven’t been addressed yet. Dead Silence is the main issue since it still isn’t available as a perk. This could be added in the future, however.

The patch notes are available in full on Reddit

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