What time does Call of Duty: Modern Warfare release?

Modern Warfare might be coming slightly earlier than expected.

Image via Activision

The latest installment in the Call of Duty franchise is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in a few days.

Modern Warfare had a blazing start in its open beta, attracting hundreds of thousands of players and receiving a strong reception. Instead of taking the world war approach or using a futuristic science fiction feel, Modern Warfare brings fans to the present.

The game shows fans the harsh realities of war, highlighting the troubles of the Middle East and the Russian-Ukraine conflict. And, like the game’s predecessors, it does so with all-guns-blazing style and sophistication. 

The new iteration of Modern Warfare should bring longtime fans back to what put Call of Duty on the map. The CoD 4 and MW2 eras were the heydays of the franchise with simple gameplay and guns that had a smooth and responsive feel. Since then, for some, CoD has taken a turn for the worse with watered-down fundamentals and the addition of unnecessary mechanics. 

Modern Warfare aims to fix that, though, and gives fans a raw interpretation of war. It’s fun, competitive, and addictive. And it might be coming slightly earlier than expected.

What date and time does Modern Warfare release?

PS4 Modern Warfare pre-order timer at 11am CT on Oct. 24 | Screengrab via Sony

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will be released on Oct. 25. But PS4 players might be able to play the game a couple hours earlier.

For players who pre-ordered and pre-downloaded the digital version of the game on PS4, a countdown timer suggests that Modern Warfare will be “playable” on Oct. 24 at 8pm CT. Activision hasn’t officially posted anything about PS4 players gaining early access to Modern Warfare, however, so this timer might not be accurate.

We’ll update this story if any new information about the game’s specific release time is revealed.