Players can check the bomb from any position in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Pro players want to see this feature removed.

Image via Activision

Ninja defusing may become obsolete since a new feature in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare allows players to view the defuse timer on the bomb in Search and Destroy. 

Atlanta FaZe pro Michael “MajorManiak” Szymaniak discovered this feature after he saw a red bar next to the defuse timer surrounding the icon on the bombsite. This indicated that an enemy was defusing the bomb. 

MajorManiak said that this doesn’t have a place in competitive CoD since it removes a crucial element from Search and Destroy. In nearly every title, players have needed to check the bomb manually to find out if an enemy is defusing the explosive. 

But many players are unsure about this feature. In the official ruleset for the CoD League, “Defuse Progress” is enabled. This feature could help inexperienced players in public matches since it’s easier to check the bomb, but it most likely shouldn’t be used in professional competitions.

Search and Destroy isn’t the only competitive game mode that’s causing issues for CoD players, though. Yesterday, Dallas Empire’s James “Clayster” Eubanks was frustrated with the Hardpoint game mode since there was an issue with the ruleset that disabled respawning.

Similarly, former OpTic player Seth “Scump” Abner experienced a glitch during a tournament. He saw an enemy’s gamertag through a door, which allowed him to get the kill.

Since Modern Warfare has been criticized by pros, fans should expect changes to the ruleset leading up to the start of the CoD League’s inaugural season on Jan. 24