Plunder finally arrives in Warzone 2, 5 months after launch

But is it even here to stay?

A screenshot of a Warzone 2 match in action.
Image via Activision

Cash-grabbing operators, rejoice and drop in: Plunder has finally made its way into Call of Duty: Warzone 2 with this week’s playlist update.

Plunder launched with the original Warzone in March 2020 but hasn’t been seen in Warzone 2 yet, which was released alongside the season one update for Modern Warfare 2 in November 2022. That means Warzone 2 has existed without Plunder for over five months.

In Plunder, the team that collects the most cash within the match’s time limit wins the game—or the first team to collect $2 million.

“During Plunder, you can eliminate enemies, complete contracts, partake in events, and clear out Strongholds and Blacksites to earn cash,” Activision said of Warzone 2’s version of the game. “Operators can choose to hold their cash, deposit it by using a Cash Deposit Helipad somewhere on the map, or procure and use a Cash Deposit Balloon for mobile transactions.”

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There are several new events that can take place during a Plunder match as part of the mode in Warzone 2. Activision revealed the names of some of them, including Blood Money, Cannon Fodder, Contractor, and Choke Hold. At launch, the mode will also have its own unique set of rewards for players to chase.

It’s unclear what exactly took so long for Plunder to be added to the battle royale sequel, but it’s here—at least for now. It was a popular mode in the original game, offering an alternative to standard battle royale and Resurgence.

Sadly, players also don’t know exactly how long it will be around. Warzone 2, like MW2, often has playlists rotate in and out of the game, causing confusion and frustration for players who like to play specific game types.

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Plunder could become a mainstay playlist in the game, but there’s always the possibility that it’s rotated out for something different next week.


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