A new Call of Duty game is coming, but it’s not what you expect

This is a significant departure for the series.

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After months of rumors and anticipation, the next Call of Duty has been confirmed. Kind of.

From developer Arcane Wonders, Call of Duty: The Board Game is heading to Kickstarter with the aim of releasing worldwide by the holiday season in 2024. Yes, seriously, CoD is getting its own board game to join your collection of board games that go untouched in the closet for months at a time.

The goal for the board game is to “recreate the experience of playing the video game using novel combat, movement, and line-of-sight mechanics,” according to an interview with Polygon.

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Call of Duty: The Board Game is a series of products within the same game system, starting with the initial core sets,” said Bryan Pope, a designer working on the game. “From there additional products will add new features to the game such as new operators, weapons, maps and even new modes of play over time.”

CoD: The Board Game will be set in the Modern Warfare 2019 universe, using characters, locations, and weapons from the game. And it will somehow attempt to translate FPS gameplay to the board game medium, which sounds like a daunting task.

“Obviously we will be unveiling more as we get closer to the launch, but we really feel this game captures the immersion of a first-person shooter,” said Pope. “[Players] simultaneously plan out [their] moves secretly and then resolve those at the same time out on the map. Line of sight is easily determined by colored lines on the map, and when you do have eyes on your opponent, combat happens. It’s all about outsmarting and outmaneuvering your opponent to get in the best possible position to win in a fight.”

Pope also told Polygon the team is planning future content, like the addition of zombies, down the line once the project is funded on Kickstarter. The funding campaign will include a special edition of the board game.

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“There are so many great characters and locations within the CoD world that we want to explore and share with the fans in a tabletop platform,” Pope said.

CoD and tabletop fans alike can sign up for more info on the board game’s official website.


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