Activision finally acknowledges Call of Duty server problems, but a resolution is nowhere in sight

It's a start. But when will it end?

Image via Activision

Activision has finally addressed some severe ongoing lag and server problems in Call of Duty games, although a fix may still be some time off.

Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 have been plagued with intermittent connection issues for the past couple of months, but it’s seemingly been getting worse over the past few weeks—and the community has been quite vocal about it.

And today, the game’s publisher officially acknowledged the problem for the first time in a tweet and a new card on the game’s Trello board that tracks issues in several titles.

“We are investigating reports of server-related gameplay issues and are actively working to resolve them,” the tweet said. But that’s all for now.

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The replies to the tweet tell the story. It was immediately met with a combination of sarcasm, continued frustration, and genuine joy from players of MW2 and Warzone 2 who have had their matches hindered by lag spikes, high ping, and other connection bugaboos.

A quick search query for something like “MW2 lag” on any social media will find players complaining about the problem. That’s really nothing new, but it does seem to have been big and widespread enough to warrant a response from the developers.

Whether it’s in MW2 ranked play or Warzone 2’s battle royale, the community outcry about the lag seems to have finally gotten loud enough for the company to admit there’s a problem. But as for a timetable for a fix for the issues, that’s another story entirely.

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For now, CoD players can track the Trello board to follow progress on a solution for the connection problems and keep in mind that their matches may continue to be bogged down by them for the time being.

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