Phones in Call of Duty: Warzone are playing a mysterious Russian message

The bunkers are just the tip of the iceberg.

Image via Activision

Phones in Call of Duty: Warzone are now playing an ominous message that might be related to the mysterious bunkers around the map.

Warzone received an update today which added a red keycard that allows players to access the bunkers around the map. The update also made several phones around the map ring when a player approaches them and a Russian message plays when answered.

Players have translated the message which warns that a base has been captured and to change the encryption. After this brief message, the person on the phone states a series of three numbers that seem to change in each call. Players are unsure of what to make of the message, but it is likely related to the bunkers.

The bunkers can be opened with a rare red keycard and contain a large amount of loot for players to enjoy. The bunkers also contain locked doors that require another keycard to enter, but so far players have been unable to venture further into the bunkers.

The message may indicate that another step is indicated to unlock the second bunker doors, but players have been unable to find the next step. There are also laptops scattered throughout the map that currently do nothing when interacted with, but they may be another piece of the puzzle.

Infinity Ward will likely add more content involving the phones, laptops, and bunkers in future updates. The latest Warzone patch notes even have cryptic messages which say something is inbound, so players can expect more exciting changes in the future.


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