Pay-to-win ‘Groot’ skin is ruining MW3 matches, and CoD fans are furious

There's no escape from the Gaia skin.

Warzone's Gaia skin attacking a player in a match.
Image via Activison

If it wasn’t bad enough that Call of Duty‘s pay-to-win Gaia Operator was ruining Warzone matches, the infamous “Groot” skin has made it to Modern Warfare 3 to frustrate players once again.

Added to Warzone in the season six update, Gaia has been wreaking havoc ever since. The biggest issue with the skin is the fact that its torso is almost entirely see-through, making it difficult to see. On top of that, its dark coloring makes it blend into the environment, not unlike the controversial Roze skin.

Unfortunately, because MW2 content carries over to Modern Warfare 3, Gaia is available for use in the game, and with no nerf to the skin from Infinity Ward, players are furious.

“I swear it’s insane,” wrote Glittering-Laugh8544 on Reddit. “You can’t even see it on Wasteland or Estate, and I’m sure it will be difficult in the new [Warzone] map as well… [That] this still hasn’t been touched or changed makes zero sense.”

Another player showed a perfect example of how difficult it really was to see the Gaia skin in the game, with a dead Operator perfectly hidden in the ground.

In terms of fixing it, there are two real options. One is to change the color of the skin so it cannot blend into the natural surroundings so easily. Otherwise, the developer may have to go down the same route it took with the original Roze skin and change the game’s lighting system to make dark skins stand out more.

Unfortunately, there has been no comment from Infinity Ward on the skin, or from Sledgehammer now that it has arrived in their title. We can only hope that one of them does something soon, otherwise, Groot may be torturing us for the entire year.


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