New York Subliners signs Diamondcon as first player on its academy team

Diamondcon was a standout player during the Challengers Scouting Series.

Image via Call of Duty League™

The New York Subliners introduced Diamondcon as the first player on its Call of Duty Challengers academy team today. The 20-year-old proved himself as a talented amateur in the Challengers Scouting Series last week and was considered a standout player at the event. 

Diamondcon has been a part of the amateur Call of Duty scene since Black Ops III and has participated in dozens of online tournaments and events. He most notably won the 2020 NA Call of Duty Challengers Finals in Modern Warfare with Triumph.

He was invited to participate in the Challengers Scouting Series last week and was drafted to be a part of the New York Subliners team on the first day. The team went 2-0 on the day and had one of the best performances in the NA region. 

Diamondcon was drafted to the Los Angeles Guerrillas team for the second day of the event and went 1-1. He returned to the Subliners for day three and further proved himself with an impressive performance. Diamondcon pulled off a one-vs-three sniper clutch against the Paris Legion’s Scouting Series squad, proving that he’s a capable player with multiple weapons. 

The New York Subliners signed Diamondcon as the first player on its academy team, which will compete in the 2021 Challengers season. It’s unclear who else will fill the roster’s remaining spots, but Diamondcon is a solid first choice. 

Multiple amateurs were signed to Call of Duty League teams during the inaugural season and Diamondcon could be the next player to move up if he continues to perform well in 2021.