New Warzone leak suggests Counter UAVs are coming to Buy Stations

The new killstreak could be a game changer.

Image via Activision

A recent Call of Duty: Warzone update added a Counter UAV to the game if a team uses four UAVs at the same time. But a new leak suggests it will be a purchasable item from the Buy Station soon. 

Warzone has received several updates and changes since its release in March. New weapons and items are constantly being added to the game, and several game modes are in constant rotation. Similarly, 200-player lobbies were recently added, which makes the game mode much more hectic. 

One thing that has not changed much, however, is the available killstreaks available in Buy Stations. UAV’s, Cluster Strikes, and Precision Airstrikes are the only options currently available in Buy Stations, and players have wondered if other options would eventually make an appearance. 

Players recently discovered that if they used four UAVs at the same time, a Counter-UAV effect would occur for enemy teams. The effect blocks the mini-map which is devastating in Warzone as players are unable to see the safe zone. The Counter UAV is effective, but the cost of four UAVs to activate it is $16,000—which is a lot of money in most scenarios. 

The Counter UAV will likely be added to the Buy Station as a normal killstreak however, since players have found it listed as an option in the training area. 

Players have posted screenshots of the Counter UAV included in the Buy Station as a purchasable item. The killstreak costs $4,500, which is the same amount as a Self-Revive Kit and $500 more than a UAV. 

The description of the item states that it scrambles all enemy minimaps regardless of distance, and that it will disrupt players’ Heads-Up Displays based on how close they are to the targeted area. This can be devastating in firefights as players will not see their ammo count or available utility. 

The Counter UAV will likely change the meta of most Warzone matches. Knowing where the safe zone is important especially in later parts of the games. The killstreak will also negate the constant UAVs that teams have in the final circles and might negate Ghost as a required perk. 

Recon contracts will also be more sought after as they show where the next phase of the circle is and will likely be the only guide players have in some matches. 

The Counter UAV is not officially confirmed, but players should not be surprised if they see the item added to Warzone  in the near future.