New Call of Duty: Modern Warfare glitch spawns players with no guns

“Excuse me?”

Image via Activision

It’s hard to enjoy the great features in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare when egregious things like overpowered Claymores and one-hit K.O. sniper-shotguns are plaguing matchmaking. But a glitch that spawns players without weapons may take the cake.

Atlanta FaZe pro Preston “Priestahh” Greiner was surprised to find himself bringing empty hands to a gunfight. The pro tweeted a video yesterday that showcased the hilarious bug in action. 

After being taken out by the enemy team, Priestahh and his teammates respawned on St. Petrograd without any weapons to defend themselves, sparking confusion, surprise, and fits of laughter.

“Wait, what?” Priestahh said. “Excuse me? Wait, clip this. Clip this.”

And while some might expect the bug to cease after being eliminated, it continued to affect Priestahh and his team throughout the match.

The video set in motion a number of hilarious comments telling the pro that he needs to “learn how to adapt” to the peculiar situation.

Another player replied to Priestahh’s tweet, claiming that the bug has been an issue since the beta in mid-September.

Infinity Ward has been responsive and listening to the community’s frustrations. An update rolling out in the next few days should address common complaints like Claymores, audio footstep issues, and stability across all platforms. If the no-weapon bug continues to affect matchmaking, it’ll likely be fixed in a later patch.