When is Rebirth Island coming back to Warzone?

It'll be reborn from its ashes.

Image via Activision

June 22 marked the start of Warzone’s fourth season, which removed Rebirth Island from the game. The map was replaced with Fortune’s Keep and there were changes to Caldera.

With a new map and changes to Caldera, one could expect players to forget about Rebirth Island, but that hasn’t been the case. Fans are already wondering when the Rebirth Island would come back to the game. Rebirth Island isn’t gone forever, and it’s a part of the map rotation, meaning it’ll return to Warzone sooner or later.

When will Rebirth Island come back to Warzone?

Rebirth Island will return to Warzone on June 30. The map is scheduled to make its return with a playlist update. This will be the first playlist update of season four, and the map’s likely to appear and disappear from the playlist as the season progresses

Maps can go through changes while they’re off the playlist, but it’s currently not clear whether players will see any notable changes when they next step foot onto Rebirth Island.

If you’d like to keep track of future playlist updates, you can keep an eye on Raven Software’s and CoD’s official Twitter accounts. Both accounts share playlist updates when they become available and also notify players of incoming changes.

Though Fortune’s Keep and Rebirth Island feature different characteristics, you can also make the most out of Fortune’s Keep by studying the map, which can help you outlast other players.