More custom loadout slots appear on the horizon for next Call of Duty: Modern Warfare update

An Infinity Ward dev gives the community some insight on the matter.

Image via Activision

Though we may have left Christmas behind in 2019, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare fans might be getting a gift to start the new year strong.

Infinity Ward developer Joel “ArtPeasant” Emslie said that additional custom loadout slots may arrive in the next update in a Reddit post yesterday.

“I’m not sure which update it’s in but I think it’s next,” Emslie said. “Believe it or not it can cause horrible bugs if not tested properly. I’m not certain about all this so don’t get fired up on me if I’m wrong.”

Modern Warfare hosts a wide array of multiplayer game modes that range from objective-based gameplay in small maps to large-scale Ground War in vast landscapes. And with tons of weapon and perk variations, players have plenty of options to toy with. But having only five custom loadout slots confines players, in some cases forcing them to adjust their class on the fly.

The next update may put an end to this issue, assuming it doesn’t bring any “horrible bugs” along with it. But Emslie admits he’s not fully sure if it will indeed launch in the upcoming patch.

Players were able to unlock additional loadout slots by prestiging in previous Call of Duty titles, which would restart their progress from level one. But Modern Warfare has no prestige mode. Infinity Ward co-design director of multiplayer Joe Cecot did address the lack of a “true grind” on Dec. 30, however, claiming there are definitely “improvements we can make in this area.”