Loadout Drops make triumphant return to Warzone 2 Buy Stations

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Image via Activision

A huge change to the Warzone 2 meta has occurred just in time for the holidays. Players can now purchase Loadout Drop Grenades from Buy Stations, Raven Software announced today, effectively bringing about the return of purchasable Loadout Drops.

Purchasable Loadout Drop Grenades are now available in all Battle Royale modes in Al Mazrah (so no DMZ yet) at the Buy Station, but the prices are larger the bigger the party is. In Solos, a Loadout Drop Grenade costs $8,000, in Duos, it’s $16,000, in Trios, it’s $24,000, and in Quads, it costs $32,000. All players within a squad should be able to get their full loadout from one drop.

Before this massive change, players in Warzone 2 could only access a complete Loadout Drop from a randomly placed drop around the map that had limited uses, or by clearing out a Stronghold. Additionally, players could also purchase individual weapons as part of a larger, complete loadout from the Buy Station, and at a reduced price as of Dec. 19.

The removal of purchasable Loadout Drops was one of the more surprising changes between the original Warzone experience and Warzone 2 and was likely done to make buying loadouts less relied upon in the later stages of matches. But many fans still called for purchasable Loadout Drops to return and the initial overwhelmingly positive reaction to the Raven Software announcement reflects that.

Raven did note that “continuity of this feature will depend on feedback we receive and overall impact on the Battle Royale experience.” While the feedback on the feature’s return is certainly positive, an overreliance on Loadout Drops bought at the Buy Station could see them nerfed or removed again in the future.

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